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Re: how to update from the repo of a repo?

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: how to update from the repo of a repo?
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 08:41:12 -0700

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Robert P. J. Day <address@hidden> writes:
>    is there an accepted way of setting up a CVS repo for a number of
> developers, where the repo itself is updated from yet another repo?
> (this might be the equivalent of BK's clone of a clone.)

This is typically done by organizations such as FreeBSD, NetBSD and
OpenBSD, by using cvsupd on the primary repository and cvsup to pull the
mirror to the client from the master. Local changes are made by either
creating a branch on the primary that will never be used on the primary,
but instead dedicated to a particular secondary mirror, or by using the
CVS_LOCAL_BRANCH_NUM environment variable set to a high even number like
20000 and creating a new local branch for the secondary mirror
repository. At such time that the local work is ready to be integrated,
it would be committed to the primary by someone who is given permission
to see both the secondary and the primary repositories directly.

>    i want some developers to work with a kernel source tree, for which
> there's a CVS repo out there on the net that's updated on a regular
> basis.  but i'd rather they didn't update from the main repo directly,
> i'd prefer them to update from a local repo i want to create, and it's
> the local repo that will update from the main one, just to keep
> everyone consistent.

This sounds very much as if you are doing to be doing 'cvs import' to
import snapshots of the primary repoistory into your secondary
repository which is another method of accomplishing the same thing. The
difference is that your secondary repository will not carry all of the
log information of changes committed to the primary repository.

>    in addition, these developers will be making changes to the kernel
> source, and checking those changes back in for the benefit of the
> others.  they definitely don't have the authority to check stuff back
> in to the main repo; hence, the need for a local repo.

This requirement should be possible to be met by either of the above

>    in short, i want to set up a local repo that will accept changes
> both as updates from the main, remote one, as well as commits from the
> local developers (obviously, watching for the times when they have to
> deal with conflicts along the way).
>    thoughts?

Figure out what you really want, but be careful as CVS does not have a
simple way to merge deltas of branches from the primary repoistory into
secondary branches in the same manner that BitKeeper deals with deltas.

There must be a single repository that is the master for any given
branch under CVS.

        -- Mark
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