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RE: Setting up a new CVSNT or Linux server ??

From: Frederic Brehm
Subject: RE: Setting up a new CVSNT or Linux server ??
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 14:49:32 -0400

At 02:08 PM 7/21/2004, Jim.Hyslop wrote:
OK, let's run through a use-case scenario:

Scenario: Repository has a file named 'file'. User wants to 'cvs add File'.

CVSNT server, Windows client: 'add' command ignored
CVSNT server, UNIX client: 'add' command fails: "File added independently by
second party"

UNIX server, Windows client: add command ignored
UNIX server, UNIX client: add and commit will succeed.

In your scenario, it appears to me that the only failure comes with the CVSNT server and UNIX client. In that case, the user knows that there are two separate files "file" and "File" in the directory and CVS should be able to add both but it refuses. If I were that user, I would think "CVS is broken". In all other cases, cvs add does the right thing, and another user will be able to recreate the sandbox of this user.

So, the only problem comes when CVSNT is used as a server. Therefore, use a UNIX server.

If you plan on sharing the same files between Windows and unix-like systems, then you have to make sure your filenames are OK on both systems. It doesn't matter if you use CVS to do the sharing, or if you send zipped directories back and forth. That's a problem that is independent of CVS.


Frederic W. Brehm, Sarnoff Corporation,

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