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open /dev/null failed

From: ben curthoys
Subject: open /dev/null failed
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 13:06:30 +0100
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cvs, running on redhat 9, mostly working fine.

but there is one module that i want to have accessible to an external developer. accordingly, i've created an account for him, given that account access to the relevant module folders, and removed all other rights as far as possible - i don't want there to be any chance of him getting at the rest of the source code, logging onto the shell, ssh'ing in and browsing samba shares, etc.

when i try to log in as him i get the following error:

cvs -z9 -q checkout -d MessageSyncServerA MessageSyncServer (in directory C:\SourceCode)
open /dev/null failed
Permission denied

can anyone give be a clue as to what extra rights i have to give to this user for him to be able to check the module out of cvs? /dev/null has 666 access and looks perfectly normal in all respects.

hits i've found on google indicate that this might be something to do with "chroot" and "jail", but a quick check doesn't reveal anything obvious like a /chroot folder on my server, so i assume i'm not running it.

thanks in advance.

(if you could copy any reply to my email address as well as the newsgroup that would be appreciated.)

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