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Re: CVS best practice

From: Shane Turner
Subject: Re: CVS best practice
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 16:31:04 -0300
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Rick Genter wrote:

My question is more a question of best practice as opposed to how to use

The system I work on consists of a number components. Each component is
a separately built Java application, all referencing portions of a
common database. Different components use different tables; some tables
are shared by many components, while some are used by a single
component. Over the life of the system, schema changes on the same table
may have been required by different applications for different purposes.

We script all of our database changes and store the scripts in our
repository, but this has led to some "spirited" debate about repository
structure. Our DBA wants to have a database-centric repository hierarchy
where all database scripts are stored in a CVS module named for the
database to which the script applies. There would be submodules for
Tables, Stored Procedures, Indexes, etc. I, on the other hand, want
scripts associated with a particular application to be stored in "SQL"
or "Schema" submodule under the module for that application.

What do others do?
Rick Genter
Sr. Software Engineer
Silverlink Communications
(781) 272-3080 x242
Here we treat the database as its own application with interfaces defined by the stored procedures. The stored procedures let us change the schema without necessarily changing the stored procedures used by the applications. If the interface to the database needs to change for an application, then that requires a release of the database before or at the same time as the application release. We also aim to ensure that when an application requires a new interface the existing interface continues to exist until that new application is in place. This helps us de-couple the database from the applications. Of course things don't always work that cleanly, but that's usually due to a more radical than usual shift in schema.

I hope that helps,


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