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Problem changing Sticky Options

From: Blaney, Liza
Subject: Problem changing Sticky Options
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 17:58:20 -0700

In my cvswrappers file, I have the line:
    *.rc -m 'COPY'
It does not specify the -k option.

I just got a complaint that all our .rc files had:
    Sticky Options: -kb

I don't see how this happened (I am the only person who messes with
Substitution and other cvs team environment stuff) unless keyword
is tied to copy/merge in some form.  We want keyword substitution in
files so I tried (in each directory):
    cvs admin -kkv VersionInfo.rc

I got back:
    RCS file: /<snip long path>/VersionInfo.rc,v

Accroding to cvs status, I still have a sticky option of -kb.

We are running cvs server 1.11.5 on a sun and cvs 1.11.16 client under
XP. I use 
command line cvs (although others use TortoiseCVS or WinCVS as a front
I haven't had any complaints about it.

Any advice as to what I am doing wrong? Feel free to cite the docs if
you know 
what I missed. I haven't posted it to the cvsnt group yet because I feel
it is 
a problem in my method rather than with software.

Liza Blaney 
Intel Corp, Intel Capital Group, DTO 
2200 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara CA 95052-8121 
Mail Stop: RNB-4-97 
Phone: 408-765-4495 

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