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RE: Setting the rules and politics for CVS...

From: Steve Pitchford
Subject: RE: Setting the rules and politics for CVS...
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 16:11:16 +0100

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Subject: RE: Setting the rules and politics for CVS...

address@hidden wrote:
> I´m studying CVS for the first time. I know how to use it now, but I
> don´t know how to make or "config" the rules and politics to make a
> group of about 5 programmers working in the repository. I will be the
> project leader...
> Do you know  a doc or some URL, tutorial or URL with that info?
The manual is available at

It will tell you everything you need to know.


I read the original post and felt a certain degree of empathy with it, I can
remember getting into cvs and felt ( and still do to a certain degree ) that
whilst the manuals and documentation explained the technical features well,
as Jim has in his reply, it lacks case studies and walk throughs - to a
certain degree I feel as if lots of people pick up cvs administration by
experience, and subtle things like maintaining administrative control,
ensuring releases are properly tagged and branched during periods of
absence, policing the builds and such like can be difficult to grasp for
first rime administrators, especially when coming from a "system" where by
no version or concurrent control system is in place.

I'm not too sure the last section was a question or a statement, but if
anyone knows of a well maintained site, or news group listing the less
technical experiences ( and perhaps technical solutions ) that people have
had, perhaps in the form of case studies then I for one would be interested
in it.



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