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Re: Why does CVS remember the last login user?

From: Jean-Christian Imbeault
Subject: Re: Why does CVS remember the last login user?
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2004 14:54:57 +0900
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Larry Jones wrote:

> Unfortunately, it makes
> life more difficult for the occasional misguided user who wants to share
> a working directory among multiple users.

Just for my education, by misguided to you mean someone who doesn't realize the default behaviour of cvs (login, CVSROOT, etc...). Or do you mean that it's not a recommend practice to share working directories?

I can see how it would be a problem if two or more people were using a working directory at the same time. But in my case it's pretty much a given that there will only ever be one person using the working directory. It's only used for deploying the system once everyone as checked everything in.

> You can use the -d global
> option to override the stored CVSROOT:

If -d works with update and checkin then I'm set!


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