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taginfo logs all tagging

From: Lane, Jim
Subject: taginfo logs all tagging
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 19:06:07 -0400

We track all tagging via a perl script called from the taginfo file.    We recently upgraded from cvs-1.11.2 to cvs-1.12.9.    One problem we're having is the previous versions of CVS only put an entry in the tag log (i.e. invoked the script) for files in which the tag actually changes.    The new 1.12.9 version lists every file in the module being tagged, whether or not the tag is actually moved.    Since our build system is tag-based, rather than branch-based, this amounts to HUGE tag logs.

We are using cvs-1.12.9 via the pserver on Solaris 8.  The line in the taginfo file looks like:

ALL              $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/log_tag_ops %t %o %r/%p %{sv}

FWIW - I've build the server with and without the  --disable-old-info-format-support flag.

Does anyone know how to restore the old behavior of only logging files for which the tags are actually changed?

Thanks -- JimLane

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