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Re: CVS with a Novell repository (academic environement)?

From: Christopher Fuhrman
Subject: Re: CVS with a Novell repository (academic environement)?
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 10:50:07 -0400

"Todd Denniston" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> Christopher Fuhrman wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> >
> > At our university we'd like to integrate CVS with Eclipse for all of our
> > software engineering students (they would like it, too!). However, at
> > time, the file servers are all Novell. This seems to be pretty limiting
> > terms of the technology, but I wonder if there's not another solution
> > without proposing another file server system.
> >
> > Two things make CVS a challenge in an academic environment:
> >
> > 1) Having an administrator create projects each time a student team
> > it is an administrative nightmare, especially with 700+ students. CVS
> > never designed for this kind of environment (that I know of).
> If the students can create the CVSROOT in their own area, give ACL
> for the area that allow only other members of their group in, and run the
> server against that area, then let the student manage it.

I like your 60+GB idea (described below) because it's simple. However, the
issue at hand would then be backups. Our Novell servers are RAID-5 and
apparently backed up with some proprietary backup software. Finally, though,
it may be easier to fix the backup problem than to work Novell into a
Linux-based CVS system.

I'm guessing that some flavor of Linux makes ACL controls and quotas easy to
configure. Any favorite Linux for CVS servers in this regard?


> > We already have a solution to
> > share authentication info on our Linux machines, but I'm not sure Novell
> > stores can be mounted reliably on Linux, or if their file access schemes
> > compatible.
> The question I would have is, do the ACL's map well into the linux system?
> If you can authenticate from Linux to the Novell servers why not just put
> 60+GB disk (can you get anything smaller today?:) on the linux machine and
> have the CVSROOTs on the  Linux machine?  The students should not need any
> access to the CVSROOTs that they can not get with CVS (after the CVSROOT
> init'ed).  If you want the machine locked down a bit, and the client
> support it, look at using ssh as the access method. If you want it tied
down a
> lot, use ssh and setup quotas on the linux machine.
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> Todd Denniston
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Cris Fuhrman

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