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Re: encoding problem

From: Robin Rosenberg
Subject: Re: encoding problem
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 22:45:26 GMT
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Ewald Geschwinde wrote:

> I have an encoding problem in CVS
> we are developing a java application and have som umlauts like ä Ä and
> so on
> The cvs server runs on a fedora core 1 and in the shell I can type this
> umlauts
> Is there a parameter which I can set the encoding type of the cvs
> repositories

CVS stores the files as they come in (plus line-bread and keyword handling)
The server doesn't care about characters sets really, at least as long as
it is ascii-derived. This applied to filenames as well as data.

All clients and servers must agree on the characters sets. For the content
of java source files you can use unicode escapes or explicitly assume a
character set convention for the while project, or make your (linux?)
machines use ISO-latin-1 (I making guesses about your environment now...)

Thankfully my favourite dist default to iso-latin-1 for my language. BTW
redhat can do that although it defaults to UTF-8.

> Regards Ewald Geschwinde

-- robin

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