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cvs shell script wrapper

From: jim
Subject: cvs shell script wrapper
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 10:19:05 -0400

Anyone already written a shell script wrapper for CVS?
We use CVS but the developers hop from system to system and don't always
have a CVS gui (smartcvs, jcvs, etc) available and there is difficulty
(reluctance) to learn the CVS command line interface.  Also, sometimes just
copy a directory from another machine to the one being worked on and make
changes and then want to check it in - without having first checked out the
entire "module".

E.g., yesterday trying to "add" a new c file in a new directory - didn't
realize that first have to add/commit the directory; or, when removing a
file, didn't realize first have to remove the local copy, etc, etc.

So... with all that, I thought a shell wrapper would be nice to have since
it will run everywhere without the need for the guis, and do some of the
stuff "under the covers"; and if someone else already did it, that would be
great.  If not, I will do it.



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