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Re: Need suggestion regarding CVS

From: Tyler
Subject: Re: Need suggestion regarding CVS
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 10:16:42 -0700
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> address@hidden wrote:
> > (each of them shouldn't be more than a few megabytes). My question is
> > if I setup a CVS server on my linux box, would the administration of
> > the server be a real pain in the butt and a drain on my cpu resources?
> > I don't know much about running a cvs server but am eager to learn,
> > only question is whether it would take up too much of my cpu's
> > resourses.

If you have any plans of pursuing a job in software, having some actual,
hands-on experience with source control is a big plus. Doing light cvs
administration isn't that hard, and will give you more in-depth
knowledge into how source control works.


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