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Re: CVS slooowwww over SSH???

From: Jorge Godoy
Subject: Re: CVS slooowwww over SSH???
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 14:20:55 -0300
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<address@hidden> writes:

> No binary files at all, in fact. I have about 50 or so ASCII
> files, but yes with lots of history data. I'm trying to see if
> this is purely SSH-related (not SSH itself but maybe the way
> we've installed it) or CVS/SSH related. I'll try the -z option.
> Thanks!

I have a project with a mix of binary and ascii files, summing up 26 MiB
of files at the client side and 42 MiB at the server side, some of them
have almost 200 revisions.  There's no problem at all.

On another project, with less revisions but more binary data the server
side has 700 MiB of data, and we also have no problem at all to handle

Everything under SSH, some through a Windows client with WinCVS + Putty
tools and another in a Linux box, with OpenSSH. 

Have you checked your network configuration, specially the reverse name
resolution of your client machines in your DNS? 

Be seeing you, 
Godoy.     <address@hidden>

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