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CVS Permissions

From: Gaurav Vaish
Subject: CVS Permissions
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 11:16:26 +0530


  I setup CVS on a Linux machine and I'm facing problem with permissions.

  I am using pserver to connect and more often than not, I get the
error - "Unable to create #cvs.lock, Permission denied".

  The reason is that a module or a subdirectory thereof will be
created by the permission set of the permission who created it. Though
the directory permissions are 775 and all the users are in the group
"cvs", but still the problem persists.

  Even during checkout, I get this error. I have to logon to the
server and change the permissions to cvs.cvs whole of the hierarchy.
"chown -R" is a big pain.

  Any help in this direction will be welcome.


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