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RE: "Local access to network share not supported" Error

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: "Local access to network share not supported" Error
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 18:06:24 +1000


WinCVS uses the CVSNT client by default.  By upgrading WinCVS you have also 
upgraded CVSNT.

I believe that you are using a CVSROOT like this (where h: is a network drive):

Is this correct?  If so then this is considered a non-optimal way to use the 
product.  We discovered that many people were trying this and it can result in 
serious damage to your source code.  In order to encourage people NOT to do 
this the error message was added.  As described in the message you can override 
it with the -N option (or put it in your CVSRC file if you must).

For most windows users the SSPI protocol is simple and quick to set up. Merely 
install CVSNT on the server and use the CVS control panel to set up your 
repository.  Users are authenticated using Active Directory (just like your 
windows share).

The latest version of CVSNT can be downloaded from:

March Hare provide free downloads and also commercial support.  

The open source newsgroup for CVSNT is available here:
or here:


Arthur Barrett

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From:   address@hidden on behalf of BEYZAIE Shamim
Sent:   Tue 8/17/2004 5:53 PM
To:     Info-Cvs (E-mail)
Subject:        "Local access to network share not supported" Error

Hi there,
I've just upgraded my version of WinCVS from v1.3.13.2 to v1.3.17.2

Our repository is stored on another server and is accessed directly accross
our LAN. Before the upgrade everything was working quite well, however now
it seems every time I try to perform any operation (update, commit, diff,
etc.) on a file the action is aborted with the following error message:

cvs [ {action} aborted]: Local access to network share not supported (Use -N
to override this error).

where 'action' is either diff, log, commit etc.....

I've looked through some old posts about this error but they only seem to
address the issue on a unix/linux configuration. I'm new to CVS so I was
wondering if anyone else has had this problem after upgrading to a newer
version of WinCVS.

thanks and regards,


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