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Re: cvs newbie seeks advice on best way to set up

From: Paul McKinney
Subject: Re: cvs newbie seeks advice on best way to set up
Date: 17 Aug 2004 12:45:43 -0700
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Jim.Hyslop wrote:
> Sticks wrote:
> > we have a small php/mysql project and only two developers,
> > but we would
> > like to manage the project using cvs. we want to be able to
> > access the
> > repository managed by cvs through apache and we want to set up two
> > subdomains on our local testing server to point to our
> > working copies.
> > can apache be pointed to the folder containing the master cvs
> > repository?
> No, because the repository files have a different format from the
> files. You'll have to keep an up-to-date copy checked out.
> > if not, what is the best way to keep an up to
> > date version
> > of the project in the web server's document root?
> It's in TFM:
> > where is the best
> > folder to put the cvs repository?
> Wherever you want to put it. With one caveat - the physical computer
> the repository should be running the same operating system as the
> running the CVS server. In other words, no NFS or Samba mounts.
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