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Re: /#cvs.lock): No such file or directoryctory for <some directory inre

From: Jim Page -
Subject: Re: /#cvs.lock): No such file or directoryctory for <some directory inrepository>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2004 00:24:31 +0200

Hi Todd

From: "Todd Denniston" <address@hidden>
> Huge suggestion:
> Read the messages found here:

Thanks for the suggestion, very interesting reading.

In my case the repository is on a linux box accessed via :ext: CVS_RSH=ssh.
>From what I have read this is not a bad method. So I do not have problems
with the repository accessed as a shared local drive as in some of the
postings above.

> Always use a client that is native to the host you are doing your editing
> Never share directories between different OS's, do a full checkout on the
> host/OS you are doing the editing on, as some OS's will not use the same
> endings.

What you are suggesting, and is also suggested in the above postings, is
having 2 sandboxes, 1 linux and 1 windows, right? Ok but it sounds like a
typical case of us working round the tools rather than them working for us.
But I get the feeling that is the recommended way - commit/update, often.
Hmm. Committing something to a repository just in order to get it into the
other sandbox sounds all wrong to me. As a common sense approach to version
control, I try to get my people to a) not commit anything unless they are
pretty sure it builds and works, b) put meaningful comments in the logs.
This 2-sandbox strategy is going to mess that up for sure! If everybody is
doing loads of commit/updates to copy between sandboxes during development,
then there is an excellent chance that Alice picks up Brian's half-baked
commit and that's him/her out of play trying to figure out what they just

Getting this surely very common scenario to work reliably with a shared
directory would certainly go on my wish list. Specially since it -nearly-
works ... no corruption of data as far as I can tell, just a weird error
message.  While we are talking about it, what it the point in being able to
specify what kind of line endings you want when you check stuff out, if it
isn't followed through?

But hey ... if a cvs guru says don't go there, it will never work, then I
will look at the alternatives, and thank him for the advice. But it seems to
me a surprising weakness in cvs from the POV of cross platform development.


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