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Cvs merge problem

From: Ramanuj Singh
Subject: Cvs merge problem
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 07:46:24 +0100

I m facing very strange problem.Developers are working on their branch made from a development branch on trunk.
There are seven developers in the team. The problem developer facing is when their branch is merged in to the development branch the files which have been changed earlier or updated in the development branch gets updated with the changes from the branch and some files show conflicts but the file which has never been updated or touched by any developer before in their branch is merged with some changes made by one developer do not show changes in the development branch. The rest of the files show changes but these files are do not show any changes. Apart from these kind of files, rest of the files merge successfully. This problem is creating a great hindrance the development of the project.They are using tortoise CVS as for this CVS stuff. I checked these merging on command prompt in linux, I m also facing same problem with this project.

Help me out.
Thanks in Advance.

Ramanuj Singh

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