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RE: /#cvs.lock): No such file or directoryctory for <some directory inre

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: /#cvs.lock): No such file or directoryctory for <some directory inrepository>
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 21:22:40 +1000


Quite a number of the questions on this list are from users like yourself with 
WinCVS or TortoiseCVS who don't realise they have CVSNT.

CVSNT uses additional metadata stored in the client CVS folder that CVS 
(cvshome) does not know about.  This is to support the additional features of 
CVSNT.  CVSNT can work with a CVS (cvshome) server - but some of the additional 
features are not available.

Therefore any CVS clients that use a sandpit generated by CVSNT will not behave 
in a consistent manner.  CVSNT is available for Linux/Unix/Windows/Mac so this 
is easily solved.

CVSNT does not require cygwin or any other non-GPL (commercial) software.

You should commit on the same platform you did a checkout to ensure consistency 
and ensure that CR/LF pairs and LF only line endings are not mixed in the one 


Arthur Barrett

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From:   Jim Page - [mailto:address@hidden
Sent:   Thu 8/19/2004 7:36 PM
To:     Arthur Barrett; address@hidden
Subject:        Re: /#cvs.lock): No such file or directoryctory for <some 
directory inrepository>

Hi Arthur

I hope cvshome people will not mind a quick discussion, too much, on an
alternative product as it is relevant to this thread.

>From: "Arthur Barrett" <address@hidden>
>Using a sandpit with CVS (cvshome) and CVSNT clients is dangerous
>and not supported.  Since CVSNT is available for all platforms I suggest
>you use it on the linux box and client.

Thanks for that. I will evaluate your suggestion, certainly having a
consistent cvs client product on all platforms sounds like a good move. I
guess one could run cvshome on windows via cygwin or similar but it seems a
rather long way round.

>2. Always commit from either linux OR windows.

I take it this is to avoid linefeed issues in source? Not because of
incompatabilities of CVSNT metadata between platforms?


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