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Press Release (CVS Professional Support and CVSNT)

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: Press Release (CVS Professional Support and CVSNT)
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 20:52:34 +1000


*** Supporting versioning systems across the enterprise *** 
March Hare announces complete CVS support offering

Complete support, training and installation services for world's most popular 
version control system, CVS 

17th August 2004: International IT consultancy March Hare has launched a full 
portfolio of support, training and installation services for the world's most 
deployed version control system, CVS (concurrent versions system). Since its 
inception several years ago, CVS has become the dominant open-source, 
transparent version control solution, allowing developers to create and amend 
working versions of source code without the worry of overwriting each other's 
changes or losing archived versions. 

As a key player in CVS' continued development for the last five years, March 
Hare now offers a mixture of support plans to suit all organisation types - 
from small communities of users to large international development teams - 
helping them to realise the cost savings attached to deploying a version 
control environment. 

"Today's development communities often span multiple time-zones in multiple 
enterprise locations whilst collaborating on single projects," explains Tony 
Hoyle, Development Manager at March Hare. "CVSNT's popularity has increased 
exponentially as a means of managing multi-developer teams within Windows, 
Unix, MAC OS X and Linux environments. The control system tool [CVS] is widely 
available free of charge. However, it became apparent that companies needed to 
minimise risk and ensure the security and stability of the software that keeps 
them running. Our support and training packages are designed for this purpose."

All support plans provide customised security issue notification, regular patch 
delivery, telephone support (worldwide) and input into feature development. 
Training for users and administrators is also provided.

"Effective version control is essential for the management of successful 
enterprise development projects", adds Adrian Gosbell, Uniface Product Manager 
at Compuware. "The value that March Hare offers to organisations successfully 
building and maintaining mission critical Uniface applications has been 
expanded with the inclusion of CVS as part of their offering to the development 

"For an organisation new to CVS it is essential that CVS installation is 
aligned with the company culture and its requirements. One of the features of 
CVS is its flexibility - which can translate into decision paralysis for an 
organisation new to corporate configuration management. March Hare assists with 
its proven QuickStart Requirements Analysis programme, in addition we can 
integrate defect tracking systems, build management and tree management systems 
into the environment," finishes Hoyle. 

Support services start at £2000 for a single site. 

Platform support will continue to be expanded to include MVS, OS/400, VMS, 64 
bit Windows, Windows Clusters and more.


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