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How to create patch for project?

From: Mak
Subject: How to create patch for project?
Date: 30 Aug 2004 08:32:51 -0700


I have a situation where I cannot understand how rdiff can help me. I
have a CVS repository where I do development for a client. To ship
code, I checkout the project to a clean area without cvs information
and ship only the code to him. The client does *not* use CVS in any
way, shape of form.

I'm now at a point where I now need to send him only revised files. I
need a process to checkout the project with only the files that were
changed between the last tag and now. Complete file that can be used
to overwrite the old ones. The directory structure also need to be
maintained (naturally!!)

How would I do this? Any help is appreciated.


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