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CVS taking memory

From: Sandhya
Subject: CVS taking memory
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 15:43:37 +0550

Hi all,

Let me explain the CVS environment here in my company.

CVS is running on a linux box, and the version is CVS 1.11.6.
I have configured the env in such a way that we use pserver to connect to the 
server, from our 
clients which are all Windows2000 boxes.
We have users, working for a project, mapped to a single unix user name and 
which inturn belong to 
various groups. These groups are used to control folder-wise access. We have as 
many unix users as 
we have projects. Each and every project has a corresponding unix user name. 
All the cvs users 
working on a project are mapped to that particular unix user.
Apart from this we have a webmin server running on port 8500 and an apache 
running on 80, from the 
same machine.

With all these, we are facing problems with memory on the server. One project 
takes around 800 MB 
of memory. We have given 4 GB of RAM for the machine, and 6 GB of swap space.

Can any one of you guide me, as to what I can do to monitor this ??? Is there 
any solution for 
this ?? 
there are over 700+ users in our company, who hit the CVS server.


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