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RE: .dfm files check in as text in CVS leads to any corruption?

From: Alexandre Augusto Drummond Barroso
Subject: RE: .dfm files check in as text in CVS leads to any corruption?
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 21:34:39 -0300

Mark, I'm sorry. I've just read the initial post from Paras Jain and  
he is using both Delphi 5 and Delphi 7, and it is a real problem. I don't 
know if there is a problem to abandon Delphi 5 and compile everything with 
Delphi 7. I have experience porting Delphi 4 code to Delphi 6 and we had no
problem in doing it. We converted exact 9132 files (including more than 3000 
dfm files) in a very short period of time using 9 people working part time
on the conversion project. Dispite the conversion being easy, there was
not just client/server forms, but also Windows Services, many classes 
containing very complex business rules and critical mission systems (I work 
for a brazilian bank and everything is done in Delphi).

The most difficult part was COM+ components conversion, but even if he has
a lot of COM+ components, I strongly recomend doing it so it will be possible 
to do parallel work, dfm file merge operations (which is impossible with binary 
forms), among other things. And, of course, configuration management team 
will owe him. 


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> Hi Alexandre,
> Just to set the record straight... the original e-mail that 
> started this
> thread may be found here:
> I have no idea as to the version of Borland is being used by "Paras
> jain", but it is that person who is/was apparently experiencing
> corruption because the .dfm files were apparently binary.
>       Enjoy!
>       -- Mark

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