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CVS users or linux OS users?

From: M Taha Masood
Subject: CVS users or linux OS users?
Date: 3 Sep 2004 15:24:19 -0700


If a new source code repository is being set up on a RedHat Linux box
, what is the advisable way of adding users whom we want to have
varied degrees of permissions on different dirs of the repository.

also when we dont want any user to log on to the box thru telnet etc
and potentially delete a directory of the repository to which he has
read/write( checkout /checkin) CVS access.

in other words can CVS access control be done independent of OS file
system acess control? should it be done this way?

for each user that we want to give access to CVS , will we have to add
a linux user ?

or is there any such thing as a CVS user only?

how to control access for the users ?
what is the best practise in this case? any doc etc is appreciated.


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