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From: Alexandre Augusto Drummond Barroso
Subject: RE:
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 18:10:50 -0300

The initial plan for included an option for syncronization 
between VSS and CVS repositories. Unfortunately it was not working last
time I tested it (Oct-2002).

OTOH, it worked fine for first time conversion, since it used *local*
access for converting from vss to rcs format. Once the repository was
converted I had to create the user and passwd files in CVSROOT module
so other users could remotely connect to CVS repository. These files are
probably missing from your CVSROOT module.

It's important to notice that you're not using a CVS server, but a CVSNT
server, which belongs to a different project (
Since CVSNT user and security administration differs from CVS user and
security administration, it's a good idea to chek the CVSNT wiki pages 
about the problems you're having with it.

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> I'm converting from VSS to CVS (and I'm a CVS newbie).  I 
> found
> as a script that will convert from VSS to CVS and have a question:
> Setup:
> CVS Server = CVSNT 2.0.41 running on a remote Windows 2003 
> server (accessed
> across the internet).  All Windows patches are installed.
> Client = Windows XP Pro.
> VSS 6.0c (running on another Windows ME (Yah, I know!) PC on my LAN.
> ActivePerl 5.8.
> Python 2.3.
> CygWin - don't know what version, but I downloaded it from 
> today.
> I've successfully converted 3 projects from VSS to CVS.  I used the
> script to do it (modified with my project and 
> credentials).  Now,
> when I try to update my CVS repository with the latest 
> version from VSS, the
> CVS server rejects my logon.  (Note that the CVS version 
> hasn't been touched
> since I originally converted the VSS projects earlier today.)  After
> inspecting my modified script, I see that there is 
> nothing in
> there providing a password for CVS, so I'm a little perplexed 
> at how I was
> able to get it converted earlier today at all.
> My obvious question is:  How do I provide a password in the
> script so that it can log onto the CVS server?
> Thanks for any help!
> The script follows:

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