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Re: Problem with migrating Repository from Solaris to Linux

From: Joerg Reiners
Subject: Re: Problem with migrating Repository from Solaris to Linux
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2004 13:14:23 GMT
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If I use as CVSROOT I get a different
error message saying:

'from cvs serverning: unrecognized response' ok

I have to interrupt the command as it hangs afterwards.
"rsh cvs -v" works fine.

Any idea ??


Mark D. Baushke wrote:
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Joerg Reiners <address@hidden> writes:

Karl Heinz Marbaise wrote:

Hi there,


I have tried to move our repository from an old solaris machine
to a new linux box but cvs is not working anymore. I can access
the repository when using cvs directly on the nfs mounted directory,
but when I try to use as CVSROOT I always
get a "permission denied" error saying "cannot create_adm_p

Under which permission does the CVS Server (pserver?) run?

Have you changed the directory and files permissions of the files
within the repository?

Kind Regards.

I do not use a pserver process. cvs uses rsh to connect to the server
with the repository. The file permissions are the same as on the old
server. Nothing was changed in the repository.

You will either need to setup a chrooted CVS server or force creation of
the public key file $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys to use a command="cvs server"

There are documents out there to help you in your setup such as:

or you can write your own custom web-editing pages to take a user's SSH
public key and prepend 'command="cvs server"' to it like

command="cvs server" ssh-dss ...base64-encoded-key... address@hidden

and put it into the user's home directory for them.

In any case, you would need to have the shell be other than nologin.

If you do not have any commitinfo, verifymsg, loginfo trigger scripts to
ever run, you could make the shell be a restricted shell that only has a
cvs command in it.

        Good luck,
        -- Mark
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