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Problem using . in cvs r* commands

From: Colm Aengus Murphy
Subject: Problem using . in cvs r* commands
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 16:11:30 +0100
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Hi folks,

We noticed that cvs r* commands have problem when you use a . to indicate the whole repository.
> cvs rlog .
cvs rlog: Logging .
cvs rlog: Logging CVSROOT
cvs [rlog aborted]: received abort signal
cvs: recurse.c:639: do_recursion: Assertion `strstr ( repository, "/./" ) == ((void *)0)' failed.

This problem is present in the cvs server version 1.12.9/1.11.16.
The command works correctly in cvs server 1.11.6.

Any chance of getting this fixed ?


Colm A

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