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Merging from a branch several times

From: Kyrre Kristiansen
Subject: Merging from a branch several times
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 15:05:56 +0100 (BST)

Hello, all

There's been a few discussions here where I work about
branches and merging. The Cederquist manual states

"If you just use the cvs update -j R1fix m.c command
again, CVS will attempt to merge again the changes
which you have already merged, which can have
undesirable side effects." [1]

We've been tagging all the merging we've done between
our main development branch (MAIN) and a branch for
bug fixing (Patch) on every merge, and have used the
suggested method of using two -j options when

My question is: Is this really necesary? If I want to
merge the head of the patch branch with the head of
the main branch, is it not exough to do "update -r
Patch ."?


Kyrre Kristiansen

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