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Re: Restoring single file in project

From: Rohan Nandode
Subject: Re: Restoring single file in project
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 21:34:28 +0530
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cd <path to your checkout>
cvs update -C <your_file>

this will take latest copy of the file.
note that your local changes in that file will be lost. so you may need to backup that file before you do this.


Michael Satterwhite wrote:
First, I want to thank those who responded to my last query. I'm learning
CVS (coming from a Windows environment).

Assume for a moment that I have a project abc that I have just retrieved
from a CVS repository. After working for a while, I realize that I've been
going down a blind alley on one of the source files. Everything else I've
done is fine, but I need to get that one source file back.

How can I retrieve the latest copy of a single source file, overwriting the
(probably later) file in my work directory?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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