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Moving Files/Directories

From: work
Subject: Moving Files/Directories
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 16:07:00 -0400

Oh great soothsayers of CVS, I have come to this esteemed group for a solution to a problem I am encountering. Problem: We have realized, 1 year into the project, that the current directory structure is not going to support our needs for ongoing client support and deployment. Also, a portion of our code was generated by a third party and we do no like some of their directory naming conventions, I have been tasked with implementing a new directory structure that will allow us to: 1 support our clients, and 2 remove some the of unwanted directories from our system. The project in question contains both a trunk and a branch, so, I need to make sure that the trunk and branch both exist in the new structure. The overall project is structured something like: project/src/not_com/not_domain/not_application/bean/ New desired structure is: project/src/com/domain/application/bean/module/ I know that part of the best way is to remove, from the old structure, and add the files, to the new structure. This will allow us to preserve the history. That is a good thing. The problem arises in how to deal with the branch and trunk. Since some of the code in the branch is, and should be, different from the trunk. Getting the sticky tag back on the files is the key, just not sure how to pull it off. Thanks for any help,
Rick Feldmann

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