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Re: Checkout./export a copy to /var/www

From: Fabian Cenedese
Subject: Re: Checkout./export a copy to /var/www
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 08:20:45 +0200

>I use WinCVS to checkout a copy on my PC. When I do a commit, the file
>checks in a linux server. I would like a committed file to be checked
>out/copied/exported to /var/www/myproject.
>When I search for this, I keep finding this (for the loginfo file):
>^cyclic-pages           (date; cat; (sleep 2; cd /u/www/local-docs;
> cvs -q update -d) &) >> $CVSROOT/CVSROOT/updatelog 2>&1
>But this will update the checked out tree in `/u/www/local-docs' and my
>checked out tree is on a windows PC.

The checkout is done from the server, so uses Linux line endings. No
matter if you can do it directly or copy the stuff to a Windows PC this
is not good. You should checkout the stuff on the system where you
want to use it.
Maybe a timed action (with 'at' or so) can help you by periodically
updating an existing sandbox. If nothing is new not much will happen.

bye  Fabi

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