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Finding the date a branch started (.trunk/.origin patch)

From: Sailesh Krishnamurthy
Subject: Finding the date a branch started (.trunk/.origin patch)
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2004 13:16:20 -0700


I neglected to create a tag identifying when a branch started while
creating the branch and am having a tough time with a merge. I did
some searching on the web and discovered that there was once a patch
by Stephen Cameron (that let you specify ".trunk" and ".origin"
suffixes to branches). I couldn't find any information more recent
than 2001 .. AFAICS this patch never made it to the code .. at least I
can't find any documentation of the .origin option and it doesn't seem
to work in any case.

I even tried to get the patch but couldn't find it (and neither could
the internet archive sadly).

I'm just writing to see if anybody has a current patch .. or another
easy way here .. thanks !


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