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From: Gleidson Sá Barreto
Subject: Question
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 10:51:04 -0300 (ART)

Now, I was reading a material about CVS technology and
I came across some doubts in concerns the some

1-To take place the transfer of the files stored in
the repository q they were modified for your work
area, through a sicronização operation. Like this,
would to be in fact that sicronização operation? 

2-CVS counts with a mechanism capable to control the
simultaneous accesses and the parallel modifications,
guaranteeing like this the integrity of the
modifications and atomicity of the operations. Would 
be in fact that atomicity of operations? 

3-CVS possesses mechanism capable to identify and to
solve conflicts. However those identified conflicts
are merely textual, not existing any analysis of the
logical consistence. Here I didn't understand the
expression textual conflicts very well. 

obs:those concepts were retired of the book CVS of
Cristiano Caetano.

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