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vcs and vlog not found?

From: Paras jain
Subject: vcs and vlog not found?
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 18:53:01 +0530

Dear cvs expert, 

Subject: PVCS archives to CVS conversion 
Problem: I have my PVCS archives on Windows 2000 and when I run the 
perl script from /contrib. it gives an error vcs and vlog not found.

If anyone did the conversion from windows PVCS archives to CVS on LINUX, Please 
let me know:
  1. how to copy /convert the windows PVCS archives to LINUX?
  2. From where to get vcs and vlog, LINUX compatible?

PVCS version I had on windows is:PVCS VM 6.8
CVS version is 1.11.2.

Thanks and Regards

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