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Problems with executing CVS on windows 2000 host.

From: rm64
Subject: Problems with executing CVS on windows 2000 host.
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 2004 21:55:41 -0400


I have a problem with setting up CVS on Windows 2000 host. I created a 
dummy folder say: D:\temp\src\master as my repository 
directory. Then I place my project files in a folder 
called 'HelloWorld' inside .\src\master directory.
I set the CVSROOT to :local:d:\temp\src\master. I follow these steps 
after this:

1) cd to D:\temp\rashmi
2) execute import statement as: 
D:\Temp\rashmi>D:\Temp\cvs-1-11-17\cvs import -m "test distribution" 
cvs import: Importing d:\temp\src\master/rashmi\test/data
I rashmi\test/data/CVS
cvs import: Importing d:\temp\src\master/rashmi\test/data/ccvs
I rashmi\test/data/ccvs/CVS
cvs import: Importing d:\temp\src\master/rashmi\test/data/ccvs/ccvs
I rashmi\test/data/ccvs/ccvs/CVS
cvs import: Importing d:\temp\src\master/rashmi\test/data/data
I rashmi\test/data/data/CVS
cvs import: Importing d:\temp\src\master/rashmi\test/data/Debug
I rashmi\test/data/Debug/CVS
cvs import: Importing d:\temp\src\master/rashmi\test/data/HelloWorld
I rashmi\test/data/HelloWorld/CVS
cvs import: Importing 
I rashmi\test/data/HelloWorld/data/CVS
cvs import: Importing d:\temp\src\master/rashmi\test/data/include
I rashmi\test/data/include/CVS
cvs import: Importing d:\temp\src\master/rashmi\test/data/src
I rashmi\test/data/src/CVS
cvs import: Importing d:\temp\src\master/rashmi\test/src
I rashmi\test/src/CVS

No conflicts created by this import

3)D:\Temp\rashmi>D:\Temp\cvs-1-11-17\cvs checkout rashmi\test
cvs checkout: Updating rashmi\test
cvs checkout: Updating rashmi\test/data
cvs checkout: Updating rashmi\test/data/Debug
cvs checkout: Updating rashmi\test/data/HelloWorld
cvs checkout: Updating rashmi\test/data/HelloWorld/data
cvs checkout: Updating rashmi\test/data/ccvs
cvs checkout: Updating rashmi\test/data/ccvs/ccvs
cvs checkout: Updating rashmi\test/data/data
cvs checkout: Updating rashmi\test/data/include
cvs checkout: Updating rashmi\test/data/src
cvs checkout: Updating rashmi\test/src

After doing this, i cd into rashmi\test\HelloWorld\... but i dont see 
anything inside this. Could you please help me fix this issue?


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