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Do we need lot of repositories?

From: Paras jain
Subject: Do we need lot of repositories?
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 10:43:57 +0530

Dear List,

   We are handling the projects in two groups one is in high level language (Delphi, VC++..) and one in Assembly language. In each group we are several developers with several projects.

There can be two possibilities to create repositories in CVS:

  1. One repository for high level and another repository for assembly as they are different group. Hence there will be only two repositories.
  2. Each project on high level as well assembly will have it’s own separate repository. In this case I will have to configure the cvspserver for that much (about 50-70) repositories. I do not know what else the problem will be…..???


CVS manual said that you can made different repositories if two projects will not share the code if I go to that direction almost every project will not sharing each other code and in that case I need to configure my repositories as per option 2.


Anyone experienced the same situation can give right direction. Whether I will go for only 2 repositories or 50-70 (I cannot say in future it may be 500) repositories?


PS :Anyone has any idea that how sourceforge maintain it’s repositories ( One to one mapping for project and repository or one –many mapping i.e. one repositories and several projects. Why I am asking this because I read somewhere that SourceForge is maintaining 55000 projects in CVS (Great!!) and I am interested to know the CVS architecture used by SourceForge.


Thanks and Regards




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