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exporting to production - automation

From: jason
Subject: exporting to production - automation
Date: 5 Oct 2004 07:56:06 -0700

Please pardon possible repost.

In the book Essential CVS they list a cron script for exporting
(distributing) code and then make mention of how you could automate
the distribution process using the loginfo admin file. Question is,
how could a developer drive a CVS promotion to production if
production security is set to prevent writes outside a CVS process. In
the below example the user must have write access to /ftp/internal
right? What's to stop them from overlaying file there manually after
the export?

<snip from book>

cd /ftp/internal
/bin/rm -r wizzard
/usr/bin/cvs export -D now wizzard
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
      cd wizzard
      /usr/bin/make install
        /bin/cat "Export failed with return code $?" | /usr/bin/mail
wizmanager -s \

You can also run a script similar to the one in Example 7-5 to export
your project whenever a file has been changed, using the loginfo
administrative file or the -i option in the modules file. These files
are explained in the following section.

</snip from book>

Thanks for any help - I'm stuck.

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