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What's the best way to work with branches.

From: Kevin Drapel
Subject: What's the best way to work with branches.
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2004 23:07:56 +0200
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I work on a project with another "admin". We have a set of developers but we don't fully trust their work and we want to "moderate" their code. From the main trunk, I created a branch called "unstable", we want to merge the changes made by developers into this branch (which will be further merged back into the main trunk). I also created a branch per developer, each developer works on his own branch and he's supposed to update his branch from the "unstable" branch (my question is about this problem).

A developer can only commit/apply modifications to his branch but he has read access to the whole module. Admins have of course permissions on all branches.

After reading the CVS manual, especially the chapter about branches ("Merging from a branch several times"), I guess that we will have a lot of problems to update all these branches. In the manual, they recommend to tag the "source" branch after each merge but this seems impossible in my case because the developer can't tag a branch he doesn't own. On the other side, would it be possible to update the "destination" file on the "destination" branch using the latest version available on the "source" branch ? Something like :

cvs update -jR1fix:"how to get the latest version" -j R1fix m.c

What would be the good/best way to work with all these branches ? I'm a bit confused with all these branching issues...

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