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Re: cvs server VS cvsnt server

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: Re: cvs server VS cvsnt server
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 05:54:21 GMT


This page describes the major differences between CVSNT and CVS:

CVSNT is available for Linux, Windows, Unix, Mac OS X etc etc.  It is
identical on all platforms, however some platforms have features which
others do not eg: if your Unix does not have an ssh library, and Windows
does not support case sensitive filenames (yet).

CVSNT has been developed over six years independantly of CVS, and supports
modern memory models and modern configuration management best practice -
including more advanced resreved edits (locks) as well as atomicity and
transaction control.  You can optionally upgrade and continue to use CVSNT
"just like CVS" - however most people quickly begin to use the new features.

Many people have moved from CVS to CVSNT, the best place to ask about CVSNT
is the newsgroup for CVSNT (or search the archive):


Arthur Barrett

"Deborah Comeau (LCL)" <address@hidden> wrote in message
Our current setup is:
Server: Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.11.11 (client/server)
on Red Hat Linux Advanced Server release 2.1AS/i686

We are in the process of switching all of our version control over to CVS.
Some of our developers were using CVS long before we began our project to
use one version control product within our company. Due to certain
limitations in CVS, we have been looking at CVSNT Server. We have read the
documentation on the benefits of using CVSNT server VS the CVS server.

Our current developers have a number of concerns:
1) Does the Linux version of CVSNT have all the features of the Windows
version on CVSNT?
This is important because we will be running CVSNT on Linux
2) Is there any CVS functionality that will be lost if we move to CVSNT?
3) Is CVSNT 100% compatible with CVS?
Meaning the IDE interfaces designed for CVS work with CVSNT.
4) Will new features of CVS be added to CVSNT?
Meaning will CVSNT be kept as compatible as possible with CVS except with
additional features
5) Is the file locking of CVSNT better than that of CVS?
            Some developers require file locking.
6) Is there anyone who has switched over to CVSNT server on a Linux server
who is willing to share his or her experiences with us?
7) Was there any changes to your process, or changes in functionality?

Any information would be appreciated.
Thank You
Deb Comeau
Production Analyst
Loblaw Companies East
416 240 3339

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