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AW: What's the best way to work with branches.

From: Guus Leeuw jr.
Subject: AW: What's the best way to work with branches.
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 08:38:17 +0200

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> Auftrag von Kevin Drapel
> Gesendet: dinsdag 5 oktober 2004 23:08
> Betreff: What's the best way to work with branches.
> I work on a project with another "admin". We have a set of developers 
> but we don't fully trust their work and we want to "moderate" their 
> code. From the main trunk, I created a branch called 
> "unstable", we want 
> to merge the changes made by developers into this branch 
> (which will be 
> further merged back into the main trunk). I also created a branch per 
> developer, each developer works on his own branch and he's 
> supposed to 
> update his branch from the "unstable" branch (my question is 
> about this 
> problem).

Get rid of the branches. Really!

Just have them write access on the trunk, and branch off releases that
May need fixing or packaging away from the development.
Multi-user developments normally happen on the main trunk, while specific
Developments can be branched off until the code is stable enough to go
With the main development.
(E.g. you have a multi platform app and somebody needs to update the Win32
Specific code very much, and he touches a lot of the stuff in the portable
Section too, cerate a branch for him and have him do his work.)
(E.g. you have an application that is close to being released. Create a
Branch, dedicate some people to the branch, have them make the release
Feature and function stable, package the thing, ship it, and fix bugs
On that branch for later merging to the trunk.)

Even on a non branched tree, you can do code reviews or automated tests per
(set of) commit, if you really don't trust your developers. But then again,
that is an organizational and psychological question.


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