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RE: Best practise with tagging

From: Alastair Growcott
Subject: RE: Best practise with tagging
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 10:52:10 +0100

Err - you don't want to branch every release, just major releases. Minor releases presumably do not involve any major changes in functionality.
Here at my company we tag every potentially public release (even though testing often means they never get publically released), and we branch when we create a major new version. We currently have three branches. The currently available version that has been in use for ages, the new major version/upgrade that is still going through extensive testing and debugging before full release (I believe betas have already been publically released) and our mainline along which major development is still taking place.
We also tag a branch when we make a patch.
One reason for our tagging is because we build multi-platform software. If we create a build or a patch or a support pack for one system, and then later a customer wants it for antoher system we can build exactly the same code by using the tag.
However that's just the way we do it - check out Paras Jain's URL too.

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Subject: AW: Best practise with tagging

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> Betreff: Best practise with tagging
>   "Before any public release of the software, you must tag
> the module."

I would suggest "Before any ... You must branch the module with a release

Since a tag does not always result in a branch...

A branch would be better in this case if you need to fix a bug in the
release and you cannot do it on the main trunk because some heavy
development has been done introducing new features that the original release
was not supposed to have.


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