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Re: Please help troubleshooting connection problem via SSH

From: Chris Weiss
Subject: Re: Please help troubleshooting connection problem via SSH
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 15:34:00 -0700
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Larry Jones wrote:

Chris Weiss writes:
C:\>"c:\Program Files\gnu\WinCvs 1.3\cvs" -z9 -t  update
-> main loop with CVSROOT=<username>@cvs.<servername>.com:/usr/local/cvsroot

And that's it... it'll sit until we ctrl-C out of it...

Get rid of the "-z9" -- there were some interoperability problems
between different client and server releases with compression.  If that
fixes the problem, upgrade your server to the current release.

-Larry Jones

Everybody's a slave to routine. -- Calvin

No such luck with changing/removing the compression. We're now re-installing CVS and Cygwin. The bummer of it is, this is an older laptop with a dead CD-ROM drive or we'd reformat and start from scratch.

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