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CVS commit with no newline in the editor

From: Chiu, Kent
Subject: CVS commit with no newline in the editor
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 12:15:21 -0700
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We are trying to upgrade our CVS to v1.11.17.  We found out that there is a
different behavior in the way cvs does commit.

In the previous version, commit will bring up an editor with a newline before
the "CVS: ..." line. In v1.11.17, it does not have the newline.

I have tried to compile on both Redhat9 and Fedora but both have the same
behavior. I am not sure what I am missing. Looking at the cvs code, logmsg.c, it looks like it can easily be fixed by adding a "\n" in front of "%s--------------------....".
But I am not sure if it is the correct way to fix.

Is there any flags or compiler options that I should use to get the behavior of
having a newline in the commit log entry?

Thank you for your help.


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