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Re: CVS commit with no newline in the editor

From: Chiu, Kent
Subject: Re: CVS commit with no newline in the editor
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 15:19:26 -0700
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Larry Jones wrote:

Chiu, Kent writes:
In the previous version, commit will bring up an editor with a newline before
the "CVS: ..." line. In v1.11.17, it does not have the newline.

What previous version were you running -- that was changed 3 1/2 years
ago in 1.11.1!

Many people, particularly those using rcsinfo templates, asked for the
blank line to be removed.  If you really want one, just create a
template containing a blank line and add it to your rcsinfo file.

We are using 1.11.1p1. The strange thing is, the locally installed CVS on Redhat Fedora core2 or
Redhat9 behave the same way as the one we are using (with a newline).

I just found out that Redhat 9 and Fedora applied one of the patch that add a new line in the logmsg.c
which is different that the source from

I think I found the solution. Thank you  all for your helps and responses.


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