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cvs diff problems

From: Dave
Subject: cvs diff problems
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 13:40:36 -0700


I am encountering problems doing a diff.  Here's the command I issued from
the top level of my repository:

cvs diff -D"10/13/2004"

Since today is 10/14/2004, this should give me one day's worth of changes
throughout my entire directory structure (i.e. recursive).  However, I get a
*ton* of output - much more than a day's worth of changes!

In words, here's what I want to do:

Compare my working version of all files against the revision of those files
that was the latest on 10/13/2004.  The revisions compared against should
all come from the branch from which I originally checked out the files.
(Note that I am indeed working on a branch, not on the trunk.)

What am I doing wrong?


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