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loginfo and path of update

From: Chris Croswhite
Subject: loginfo and path of update
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 01:09:52 -0700


Need a quick pointer.  I use to use loginfo to extract where a file was
being "checked in" so that I could run a cvs upd -d command on a "view"
so that the view was always updated.  The old cvs I was using would pass
both the path and file name.  I tried to use the same mechanism to
(within loginfo, echo %s|script-to-upd-path as default) update with
1.12.9, however, I found that cvs only passes the file and nothing
(unless I want the version too).

So is there a better mechanism to accomplish keeping a checked out copy
in sync with current checkins?


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