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RE: Permissions on Branchs

From: Rick Genter
Subject: RE: Permissions on Branchs
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 06:08:14 -0700

You need to implement this through a commitinfo script. 

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Subject: Permissions on Branchs

Hello, maybe this already has been discussed. What I'm looking for is 
how to set permissions on specific branch names, I mean, make some 
branches read-only. This is necessery because it happens that WinCvs 
users perform commits where they should not. I'm using RedHat Linux as 
repository server with WinCVS clients.
I believe this can be scripted in the CVS, but how and from where to 
invoke it? It could be great to have config file with list of 
branch_names to be treated as read-only.



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