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cvs or subversion or manual control

From: Algis Kabaila
Subject: cvs or subversion or manual control
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 01:45:09 GMT
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I am a 79 year old newbee, who has been around computers since the valve version.

Currently I have taken on the task of looking after a web page (or pages) for Open Source Software in a PC users' group. I also started to program Python, which I really love. I use a version of Linux distro, which includes "cvs" and "subversion" - not yet installed

In the past, all version control in my work was kept manually, mostly under Win OS. I want to take advantage of a programmed version control of

1. HTML pages, which are essentially text (written with "Kate", verified with Firefox)

2. Python scripts - programs. Mainly civil - structural engineering, with "numarray".

My GNU/Linux distro gives me the following info:

**** CVS is a front-end to the Revision Control System included in the standard Linux distributions. PCL-CVS, an Emacs front-end for CVS, is also included.

**** Subversion does the same thing CVS does (Concurrent Versioning System) but has major enhancements compared to CVS.

Which one should I use?  What do I do to configure repository on my PC.
Mostly I will be the only person using it, at least initially. Is cvs or subversion the way to go to for continuous updating of a web site?

I would really, really appreciate advice, before I commit my time to study either of the two version control systems. For me my time is rather valuable, as it is gradually running out. Should I, instead, stick to my trusted old ways of keeping the version control manually?

My background is teaching in several tertiary institutions. I live down -under. A great place!

(I confess to being a sucker for things that are new to me...)

Thank you for your patience and the advice to come!

Al (my handle is OldAl, my email is a_kabaila at

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