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Re: pvcs2cvs

From: Lynn
Subject: Re: pvcs2cvs
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 12:03:24 -0500

>I am currently trying to undertake a repository conversion from PVCS 5.2
> to CVS and I am looking in vain for the script, that I am
> not able to find anywhere. The links to the script, that appear in
>, seem all to be broken and I
> would need and appreciate anyone's help for finding it and its
> documentation..
> Here is where I looked:
> : not working
> : not working
> I was also wondering whether the script (6 years old) would
> work with the compressed diff format that I see in the PVCS archive
> files that I have to convert.

We moved from PVCS 5.01 to CVS this last summer.

I got a summer intern to write a custom script in C# that extracted all of
the information from PVCS (revision by revision) and then created a new
file in CVS with all of the extracted information.


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