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Re: Projects with shared libraries

From: Paola Attadio
Subject: Re: Projects with shared libraries
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 15:56:50 -0300
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I appreciate your answer, but I think I didn't explain my problem well.

The projects I mentioned are independent from each other, and they share common libraries. I would like to have only one copy of these shared libraries, and a reference to them in each of my project modules. This way, I wouldn't have duplicated libraries' code in the projects that are sharing them. And when I upgrade the libraries (i.e. when a new release appears) I would have to do it only once.

I'm not sure if CVS has this feature, I'm only asking if any of you has done this before or knows how to do it.

Best Regards,


Paul Sander wrote:
You could add the library to your product modules and build them all at
once.  However, I find that a better method is to subject the libraries to
the same kind of control as the rest of the product (with regular builds,
tagging sources, defect tracking and change control, etc.) and provide a
set of well-known interfaces that can be used and tracked by the product
builds.  The references themselves should be versioned in some way,
via source-controlled build scripts or environment settings, or by sampling
the build environment and checking it in.

A method that I've used with great success on many projects is the buildref
method.  You can find an implementation at the following URL:

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I have some projects that share some libraries. Does CVS allow to have a 
common set of libraries that will be used by different projects?,
in other words, I need one copy of these libraries and a reference to 
them in each of the other projects.

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